DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare provide the following key business values to our thousands of on-premises and cloud clients.

Become a digital-first business

Reduce the cost of paper from your key processes, and provide your teams the modern tools they need to adapt, grow and innovate those processes.

Empower employees to work without compromise

Digitise and automate processes and refocus staff on high-value, knowledge-driven projects that move your business forward.

Build for the future with tools that scale with your business

Step forward on your path to growth when you secure information, empower your mobile and distributed teams, and leverage scalable cloud services.


From digitisation to business agility

From manufacturing to retail, healthcare to government: organisations across the world are discovering the benefits of digital transformation.

The journey, milestones and rewards of digital transformation vary between leaders, teams and companies. Many start with the easiest step toward digitisation: reducing the amount of paper used. For some, it’s decentralising decision-making with mobile apps. For others, it’s process reinvention through analytics and big data.

The net results are the same: digital-first thinking, knowledge worker empowerment, reliable automation, and new levels of business agility.

How DocuWare can help your finance team?

At a moment’s notice, finance must deliver key figures that show the company’s market position as well as profitability and liquidity. This is only possible if the core processes of accounts payable and accounts receivable are executed securely and error-free.

Often, manual operations mean costs are recorded too late, approvals take too long, information must be pieced together from disconnected sources, and bookings can’t be completed.

DocuWare document management and workflow automation, helps your company leap beyond these barriers by going paperless, centralising valuable document and process knowledge in one system, and integrating it directly with your ERP for a truly complete information picture.

How can DocuWare help your HR Team?

Get ready to deliver a whole new level of expertise, transparency and value to your colleagues. Hundreds of organisations use DocuWare to centralise, organise and secure their employee records — and improve processes from recruiting to annual reviews to talent management.

Sales teams empowered

The world of business selling has changed. With almost limitless product information, peer reviews and comparative analysis available online, customers only engage sales teams when they’re close to a final decision. You need to move fast and effectively to close deals. That means instant access to critical information and seamless processes for outstanding customer experiences.

Go Digital for efficiency

Finally, digitise your paper records and get rid of disorganised shared drives. Organise all records in one secure home and get to critical information within seconds.

Ensure privacy

Give your entire organisation peace of mind when you protect sensitive employee information with airtight access rights and data encryption.

Support self-service

Take big steps in empowering individual employees, managers and HR colleagues with self-service capabilities, from basic searching to portal integration.

Stop wasting time

Repetitive and manual data entry, endless searching for documents, emailing unresponsive managers and other menial tasks can all be simplified and automated.

DocuWare empowers a better sales experience

The information age continues to shift more decision-making power into the hands of the clients you serve. The company that wins is the company that empowers their sales team to leverage clients’ knowledge into meaningful, positive experiences.

With DocuWare, sales can optimise key stages of the buyer’s journey. From initial contact through in-person presentations to contract negotiation, DocuWare delivers the right information at the right time to the right person.

With centralised, real-time, cloud-based document management and workflow automation, your entire sales team can capture, access and share prospect and client information in seconds.

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