Back-up & Recovery

Your data is the most vital asset your business has. Yet when protecting your business, often only the security of your office is seen as important. Critical business data is lost due to system failures or cyber attacks and this can damage your business irreparably.

Protecting your irreplaceable business data is now one of the single biggest challenges facing small businesses. With inevitable threats like natural disasters and the increasing incidences of cyber attacks, now part of everyday life, data backup is essential. Protecting your business is important. You buy locks for the doors and insurance to make sure you’re protected while your business grows. But what about your data? Your data is arguably the most vital asset to your business. If critical information is lost or compromised, it can damage your business and close your doors for good.

Mode’s offsite backup makes business-strength backup possible with an affordable, secure solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure.


Services Include:

  • Continuous data protection with cloud and data centre replication
  • File, email and application level high availability
  • Desktop & laptop backup
  • Test recovery to prove you can recover
  • Managed co-location


Don’t Put Your Business At Risk – Protect your data, it’s crucial