How Can Cloud IT Support your Business?

Since Cloud IT was conceived, traditional IT Infrastructure has become more and more limiting in how it can support your business. With emerging technologies, businesses have been trying to adapt to new technological environments, however, Cloud IT offers secure, reliable and scalable IT that allows your business to be supported making the traditional on-premise IT not progressive enough for our modern workplace! Let’s explore in more detail why:

Business Flexibility

When you implement Cloud-based IT, your business is provided with a high level of flexibility. Your business will be able to scale up because remote cloud servers offer almost unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. There is no need to install and purchase on-premises equipment that needs to be upgraded on site! This all happens in the cloud, and your teams can access the applications and data they need from a remote server, anywhere, anytime with no down time, allowing the flexibility that your business needs-as long as you have an internet connection.

Excellent Collaboration

Collaboration with your teams is significantly increased as your whole business will have access to all the files you need to work together wherever you are! The limitations of traditional IT models and it is quicker, faster and easier for your teams to be in different locations but can access the information they need resulting in working harder in less time.

Scale up!

Cloud IT is designed to be scalable; it supports your changing IT environment. As your business grows, you will inevitably need more IT storage space and bandwidth. Your cloud servers can support whatever you need quickly.

Continuity in your business

The most important factor is that your business is secure. The Cloud supports and guarantees reliable disaster recovery and back-up with no hassle of implementation as there are no physical devices. Investment in reliable disaster plans and back-up plans can be costly, however, the Cloud works by storing your valuable data in multiple servers so if one happens to fail, then the other server instantly backs up your data, which means any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Software updates

Regular updates are implemented with Cloud IT as there is constant maintenance with the cloud servers which ultimately includes security updates. 10 years ago, a study showed that 18 days spent per month on ensuring that business IT was secure, this is now completely eliminated by keeping your IT in the cloud.

Don’t forget the environment!

Less energy consumption and carbon emissions mean the Cloud can support your environmental policy. It reduces your physical hardware needs, less equipment in the office, less burden on the environment.

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