Keep Your IT Secure During These Changing Times

Certainly, we have had challenging times in all aspects of our lives during this pandemic. We have had to adapt drastically and particularly in our business practises.

Many businesses have had to implement quick IT processes without real considerations in a bid to help their teams work remotely, securely. However, as we try to return to some kind of normal, it is imperative now more than ever, that you take a little time to consider how secure you are, whether your teams are in the office or working at home.

So, consider the security processes that you need now:


  • VPN: this is essential for your teams that need to work remotely but need to access your business network. Make sure your VPN capacity is deployed with Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) or other secure connection solutions.
  • Identity access: ensure there are security measures in place for identity of your employees. Perhaps there are passwords on laptops, the 2-factor identification, ensures that your businesses devices are too difficult to infiltrate.
  • Company only devices: Your teams should really only use devices you have provided for them, so that you know they are secure.

Review your external IT Security

Remote working and connecting, has meant businesses cyber-attack surface has increased, so you need to ensure you have protected your external perimeters:

  • Implement network access control to ensure that there is authentication and validation is in place to ensure anyone requesting permission to connect to your networks, is authentic.
  • Company issued laptops with security configuration and no admin privileges to your teams is of paramount importance.

Consider using Cloud Services

Cloud Services offer security benefits along with cost and efficiency benefits as well. However, this does have to be managed.

  • Ensure you have formal strategies in place for cloud services
  • Have an inventory of your cloud usage and rationalise the use of multiple services
  • Data storage policies are needed so that you have defined how the cloud is used for cloud services, data storage and local storage especially for sensitive information.
  • Consider implementing a Cloud Access security broker which is an on-premises or cloud-based software that monitors cloud activity and enforces security policies. It will monitor the cloud storage and detect usage and will enforce cybersecurity policies and will alert your administrators of any anomalies and protect you against malware.

Collaboration tools that are secure

As you may have teams collaborating remotely, make sure those tools are secure and perhaps you should consider virtual reality or chatbots for content delivery.

You must have a Cybersecurity policy

Make sure you have reviewed your cyber security policies. This pandemic has triggered lots of IT reactions, often with little thought, in an attempt to react quickly to the suddenly changing landscape. You should look at risk assessments and identify potential threats and implement single-sign on and automatic log out for unattended devices.

All of these things should be considered and reviewed and implemented once your IT decide what steps you need to protect your cyber landscape. IN any event, ensure you have a disaster plan., should in the event you have an attack, so make sure in any event, you have planned and prepared for any eventuality.

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