How your IT managed services support team can help you through lockdown

As lockdown continues, it continues to be of paramount importance that your IT is secure. Hackers are taking advantage of the disruption in normal business and advantage of some businesses lack of IT support.

If you have your own IT team or you have an IT managed services provider, they should be ensuring that all your teams hardware, software and security are fully supported along with any IT issues your teams may be experiencing whilst working from home. It is their job to ensure that your teams are supported and secure. Here’s what you should be getting from your IT Managed services support team:


User Support

Particularly as many of us are working from home, now more than ever the IT Support desk should be supporting and delivering immediate assistance whenever needed by your teams. Guidance over the phone, unlimited help with any IT issues. They should be able to connect to your team’s devices remotely to fix any problems and carry any essential maintenance work out.

Support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure

The IT support desk should be ensuring that the IT engineers are managing your entire IT infrastructure, making sure your business is operationally compliant and keeping your network secure, and your systems up to date. From software licenses, to your servers (cloud or on site) they will be needing to ensure that your IT systems are delivering what they need to during lockdown.

Security of your IT

Your IT support team should be continuing to manage all your IT systems with industry-leading tools to deliver outstanding security for your business. Your users should be kept safe when using email, and whenever they are browsing the web and using any cloud-based applications. They should be ensuring that your VPN (Virtual Private Network) is protected and secure so they can work securely whilst being home based. Your IT managed services provider should ensure that all threats through your IT gateway is shielded, removing any potential threats. Especially during this time, your IT Security is of paramount importance and they should be responsible for this now, more than ever!

Backup and recovery from disaster

As our offices are mainly empty now, your IT Services provider should be ensuring that all data for your business is protected should any fires, floods, theft, human errors occur during this time. Back up is now, more than ever essential and should not be kept on your business but remotely and securely, so that should the unthinkable happen, your business can be back up and running in minimal time.

Purchasing IT

AS your teams are more than likely working from home, you may need your IT Support desk to purchase essential IT equipment so that your teams can easily work remotely. Your IT managed services team should be able to support you in this, enabling your staff to be quickly connected for work with secure devices.

IT managed services support desks are essential now, more than ever, to the safe, secure and seamless working practises of your business. Should you need this support, then do contact Mode IT and let our team be your team.

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