Maintaining IT Operations through Covid-19

Coronavirus has impacted on our daily lives. With people having to mainly work from home and offices either left with a skeleton staff or no one in the building at all, businesses need to ensure that their IT infrastructure remains secure and updated.

Hackers will see this crisis as an opportunity to infiltrate businesses so now, more than ever businesses need to ensure that their valuable data is safe and secure. Bearing in mind travel restrictions are now in place so you need to consider the following points to ensure your IT is secure:

  1. Can you remote access you sever to check they are secure?

Make sure you have the access you need to check all your systems are secure.

  1. Can you deal with any potential or real security incidents?

You need to consider that you may have to deal with any potential security issues remotely. This could be a challenge if you are not prepared or had the chance to simulate security issues. We would advise that you practise this as soon as possible.

  1. Do you have a 3rd party that’s securing your IT?

Check they have everything in place to ensure your IT is secure with your provider.

  1. Are you secure for remote workers now?

AS we have all hastily had to start working from home, your systems may have been hastily put together with little thought on procedures. Look at these now and ensure that if your teams are using secure systems such as VPN (the system that connects you to your work network remotely) and using such secure systems as Microsoft teams.

  1. Educate your teams about potential security threats

Make sure your teams are even more aware now of phishing emails, what they look like, what to expect and what to do.

  1. Update protocols & update your security

Make sure all your security updates and patches have been completed.

If you need help with the security of your systems, then do contact Mode IT today.

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