How can Microsoft Teams Help you Through COVID-19?

We have entered unprecedented times recently with the rapid and increasing outbreak of Coronavirus. It’s caused so many new issues whilst we all consider how businesses can survive and function through these difficult times.

Working remotely and from home has suddenly become the precedent, and whether your business is used to this or not, it’s raised many questions as to how we can make this work.

If you have asked many of your teams to work from home, you need to consider the following things:

  • Security: How do you keep your data secure
  • Keeping in touch: how do you have meetings, brief the work
  • Setting goals: how do you set these along with deadlines and expectations?
  • Accessing the documents needed: how do you ensure your teams can access shared drives?

What are the benefits of Microsoft teams?

Microsoft teams was launched in 2017 with the aim for businesses to be able to collaborate remotely with each other:

Easy to use: It may take a few days, but people tend to be able to use Microsoft teams easily within a few days due to the fact of its clear functionality.

Collaborations of documents: Your teams can access all Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Edit in real time and several users can make changes to the same document, so there’s no need to worry of confusion over versions. If a document is completed it can be moved into the primary sharing file so that it is secure.

Conference calling & Video chat: Meetings can occur with Microsoft Teams. You can either male calls or use the video function to see your teams-it’s your choice! Several people can participate, however, if a member of your team cannot join, the meeting can be recorded to share with the missing tame member. Documents can also be shared during the meeting as well, making it easier to share information!

Share your screen: When you are in the same office working, its easy to look at each other’s screens and talk about a particular document. Working remotely, this can still be done via the screen sharing option on Microsoft Teams, so it doesn’t matter where all the participants are in the country! During a meeting, your screen can be shared in real-time so that all people in the meeting can see as if you were in the same room together.

Instant Messaging: Microsoft teams can be used to replace email in these times as this valuable instant messaging feature means you can get answers quicker, as if you were having a conversation!

If you need assistance in organising Microsoft Teams for your business, then contact Mode IT today.

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