Why your business needs an IT Service Desk

IT support is now an integral part of any business. IT is now not a way of making your business processes smoother, IT is now part of everything we do.

IT Service desks:

  • Help fix issues
  • Play an essential role in managing IT
  • Play a role in any incidents that occur in your IT and managing the process of resolution
  • Offer trouble shooting & technical support
  • They are the primary point of contact for all your IT matters
  • Manage the communications between you as the client and their technical support

So, let’s look deeper into the benefits of an IT Service Desk:

  1. Cost benefit: This is the reality of having an external IT Service desk. This means you do not have to have salaried employees performing this role and you can negotiate the right SLA for your business with your chosen IT managed services provider.
  2. Scalability: You IT Service desk will be able to scale up the services they provide should you need it and offer you the flexibility you need.
  3. Enhanced efficiency: The service desk should enhance your efficiency as you will have a centralised place to call to receive the IT support you need.
  4. Seamless support: All clients want a seamless experience and your IT Services desk should have a uniformed response on all platforms, whether that is on calls, emails or live chat.
  5. Boosts your productivity: by having the IT managed Services support your business needs, your own businesses’ productivity should be increased as you will no longer have long delays due to IT issues.
  6. Problem resolutions: The IT Managed Service support desk should get any of your IT issues resolved quickly, efficiently and smoothly for you.
  7. Prioritises your IT Issues: as they are the experts, your IT Issues should be resolved quickly, tracked until resolutions and analysed so you receive the best possible support for your teams.
  8. All IT in one place: Whereas before you may have had one team member able to help you with the server and another good with email issues, all your IT will now be managed in one place where you can ensure there are clear KPI’s and excellent service levels for your teams.
  9. Analysis if IT Trends: Your service desk should be able to review any trends and offer advice if the same issue is occurring regularly.
  10. Exert advice: Your IT service desk should have excellent knowledge and know when to escalate issues such as dispatching on site IT support engineers for specific issues.

If you are looking for the right IT Service desk for you so that your business receives the IT Support it needs, then do contact Mode today.

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