Top Tips When Considering Using Cloud Managed Services

In the evolving workplace, there is now a demand for people working remotely, yet collaboratively, which creates complications as to whether your IT systems have the capacity to support this and whether you have the necessary security to protect your business.

What is happening in the business environment right now?

  • So much market uncertainty has led to a hinderance on IT spend, as businesses are concerned about investing in the infrastructure they need.
  • The economy changes at a rapid place further supporting concern over spending.
  • Changes in the market means businesses need to be able to respond quickly.
  • Investing in IT comes at a huge upfront cost which many businesses feel unable to finance.
  • Businesses are often now geographically challenged, with multiple sites, creating the need for greater connections, along with the need for collaborations across sites and access for mobile working.
  • Now a days, businesses don’t just have IT to help productivity, it is business critical that they have it.
  • However, if businesses choose Cloud Managed services, the IT infrastructure needs to be flexible, scalable and always ready.

Consider what your business needs

  • Does your email and files come from a central server on one site? If so, it would make sense to investigate with a Cloud Managed service provider having this outsourced at a data server, which not only helps finance but also has the bonus of security.
  • Have you already invested in an infrastructure for your emails and file servers? If so, it doesn’t make sense to outsource immediately unless there is a need to collocate the servers and storage.
  • Do you have servers that are critical to your business? You should investigate with a service provider whether these can be hosted off site? However, ensure that you speak with the service provider as to whether there will be any latency issues between the server and the storage of your data.
  • Are you archiving your emails? You may consider that this should be included for your operational efficiency as well as potential compliancy. If you need email data backed-up or replicated a Cloud Services provider is right for you.

What should you be looking for?

If your business is thinking of moving to the cloud, then you do need specialist support, capable to support a modern business. However, you need to ensure that you cloud managed services provider is high quality, flexible for your needs, competitive on price and offers you high quality service. You must ensure as well that they provide you with the security, flexibility, scalability and peace of mind that you need.

So, these are the questions you should be asking a potential Cloud managed services provider:

  1. Do they offer flexibility?
  2. How scalable are they?
  3. SLA? Do they have one? What type of SLA is on offer, does it provide your business the support it needs?
  4. What experts do they have?
  5. What type of partners do they work with?
  6. Disaster recovery plan? What type of one do they have?
  7. How does the service they provide, support your business strategy?
  8. How do their services better and support your processes?

Should you need to talk to experts in Cloud Managed Services and find out how we can support your then contact Mode IT Solutions today.

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