Cyber Security: Are businesses aware of its importance or is there more to be done?

In April of this year, the Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport released a survey regarding cyber security. Its results showed that whilst there has been growing understanding, cyber-attacks cannot be prevented by common sense alone.

Whilst the survey suggests that knowledge and understanding has increased amongst business leaders and that change is occurring, there are still 40% of larger businesses that still do not have a cyber security policy implemented.

This is extremely interesting, as this is the first survey conducted since GDPR became law in May 2018 which sparked a raise in awareness and engagement of the need of security around business data.

It is imperative to remember that GDPR and data protection, whilst linked,  are not the same.

Some key facts identified in the survey show some concerning issues:

  • Only 16% of businesses have a cyber security incident procedure.
  • Only a small number of SME’s have a cyber security policy.
  • Fewer businesses than ever are identifying breaches or attacks.
  • Cyber attacks that do penetrate businesses are having a far greater impact than ever before.
  • Yet 80% of business SME’S are more susceptible than ever to an attack.

Recommendations from the Governments report suggest that a more holistic approach is needed for cyber security. Only 27% send their staff for training, but further research indicates that businesses lack understanding of the technical aspects of cyber security.

What was even more concerning was the fact that 18% of the businesses surveyed required their suppliers to have a cyber security policy in place. Plus, they didn’t even consider their suppliers as a cyber security risk, or that it was their reasonability to make sure they were!

Over the last 3 years there has been no increase in businesses seeking guidance and advice on cyber security, which indicates that businesses were intending to be reactive rather than plan and prepare for any disaster, even though there has clearly been an increase on businesses taking cyber security seriously.

It is imperative that businesses now prepare their cyber security policy to protect your business from threats. If you need help with your cyber security plan, contact Mode today and start your journey to protect your business.

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