How can your business secure its information?

Our modern workplace is now digitised and online, which feeds our need for speed and has several cost advantages. However, this comes with dangers and a whole host of threats. Digital transformation is accelerating at such a pace and businesses need to be able to secure their systems, so investing in a security system is of paramount importance.

In recent research by Verizon telecommunications, they identified the security dangers now facing businesses. The key findings indicated that 40% of data breaches and 30% of malware attacks are the key security dangers we are now facing. Businesses cannot afford to become stagnant in their protection and they must ensure that all their systems are secure in this ever-evolving landscape of technology advances and sophistication in cyber criminals.

All businesses must ensure that they have a well organised and robust security management system to ensure that resilience is implemented for their security systems:

  1. A policy on security
  2. Use the correct technology
  3. Select the right framework
  4. Determine the budget
  5. Keep evolving!

To achieve this, Identify your weakest points:

  1. Lack of awareness is often the advantage of the cyber-criminal, so an information security management system will take this into account. A recent high-profile example of this has been Equifax, who leaked data of 147 million consumers. This was attributed by the CEO as human error. Therefore, whilst a robust security system can eliminate most human error, not all will be.
  2. Training requirements can often be another weaker point, therefore it’s essential to train your teams, as even the smallest of errors can cause catastrophic consequences.

How do you know what security to use?

Even if you have an IT department, when determining what security system to use, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.. Is it firewalls, proxy servers, detection systems?

For some time now large businesses have been using Security Information Management technology (SIM Solutions) and now it seems that smaller to medium size businesses are beginning to use this system too. SIM systems automate the process of sorting business data, translating many IT applications. However, you need to identify what your risks are as a business to know what SIM to purchase. This is where a Managed IT Provider can assist you and your teams, as this is an evolving process.

Once a SIM system is implemented, it needs to be tested, KPI’s measured and processes monitored, to ensure that it is securing your data as effectively as it should be. Criminals are fast and effective and constantly changing their criminal activities and the tools they use, so your business must always remain on top of Cyber security.

Speak to Mode today and ask for a free assessment on your security procedures and see what recommendations we could make for you.

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