Is your business ready for Windows end of life in 2020?

Some may have heard, some may not, but Windows 7 is coming to the end of its life in 2020, meaning that Microsoft will no longer update its security and there will be no support from them for this.

Therefore, now is the time to upgrade this and it may be the time for your business to consider moving to the latest cloud platform or keep it on your business premises so that you are secure. If you continue to run Windows 7, this could be a significant threat to your business, particularly to cyber hackers who will use this advantage to obtain access to your precious data.

These are the applications that will reach their end of life in 2020:

  • SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2 (This ended in July 2019)
  • Windows server 2008, 2008 R2 (end of life January 2020)
  • Exchange server 2010 (end of life January 2020)
  • Windows 7 (End of life January 2020)
  • Share point server 2010 (end of life October 2020)

You may have these all running in your business so you should now be considering the following:

  1. Is now the time to move your business to a cloud-based application or infrastructure? If you have Microsoft exchange and SharePoint, then now might be the time to move to Office 365.
  2. If you upgrade, your business will need significant hardware purchases, so maybe you need to consider a hosted model that has the scalability. This could eliminate the hefty costs of a complex data centre.
  3. Will you need additional and newer operating systems or applications? Or new or additional hardware?
  4. Are you currently monitoring your cyber security? Perhaps you need anti-malware or data-protection tools to be implemented on your systems.
  5. Your business may need to make changes to your server operating systems or even upgrades. Make sure you plan enough time to do this.
  6. Training? What is needed to educate your teams.

Should you need support in the changeover and need an IT Managed Services team that will support you all the way, then contact Mode.

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