Why your business needs back-up and recovery

Back-up and recovery are words that are used so often in business as being an essential part of a company’s infrastructure. What does it really mean though and why does your business need it?

Back-up is a system that creates and stores copies of your data in your business so that in the event that you experience data loss, you can restore your data back on to your systems in its original location to be used in its place.

Your back-up should always be stored in a different location to that of your premises so that it is protected against any hardware or software failure that may occur.

You think your systems are secure, so why would you need back-Up?

A business should never operate without backing up its data, as the back-up is a copy of all your primary data, and this can be used in place of the original should a failure occur to your systems. However, the back-up will always be restored from an earlier point in time from that of the loss.

There are various failures that can occur in your systems. These could be software failure, data corruptions, or a malicious attack resulting from a virus or malware and even accidental damage. A back-up will allow you to restore copies of all your data from that earlier point before the loss, which makes storing it separately from your own systems, even more important.

It is critical that this is done and could be from a cloud storage provider, an external drive or something substantial, like a disk storage system.

Mode would always recommend that back-up copies are made on a regular basis to ensure that everything is up to date and any potential loss is kept to a minimum. If there is too much time in between back-up’s then your business runs the risk of losing too much data.

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